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Club Feral Benefit to Support the Oakland 100!!!

“We are suffering. We have suffered. And we are not afraid to suffer in order to win our cause.”

Saturday, April 4th, Thee Parkside SF 10pm
Thee Parkside is located at 1600 17th street at Wisconsin in SF, CA

Dancing! Rocking! Politikin!

DJ’s :
Vinyl Abuser
Public Frenemy

Rock Rock Rock From:

Light Leaks
Year One
Santa Sangre
Suspect, Suspect

and MORE (Like you need it)

Can’t drop a banner or smash the state right now? How about doing some dancing, listening, reflecting, (okay, okay, maybe some drinking)? All to the same end – DROP THE CHARGES AGAINST THE OAKLAND 100!!!

Support the many people of Oakland who, in the early weeks of January, 2009, took a strong stand against the continuing legacy of police terrorism in Oakland!

In the aftermath of the January Rebellions, there are still about 140 people with various charges still looming over their heads. While the DA declined to charge several demonstrators and by-standers “at this time”, he still has a year to do so. Add to that the 6 people with fabricated felonies proceeding toward trial. There is a real need for funds to help out some of the folks who may be facing lengthy, expensive trials.

Come have fun while showing solidarity with the struggle to END POLICE TERRORISM!