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*Drop All Charges Against the Oakland 100!*

After the rebellions in 2009 that followed immediately after the murder of
Oscar Grant many people were arrested. A few faced some felonies, but in the
end, due to strong community support and pressure none of those defendants
saw jail time.

This past July when people revolted again – this time against the audacious
verdict of involuntary manslaughter for murder Johannes Mehserle – they were
again arrested en mass. But this time the District Attorney’s office has
stepped up their assault on our movement. Over a dozen people have been
charged with felonies, with even more people are facing multiple
misdemenors. Some people have already been sentenced, some still face
lengthy trials and four defendants have been in jail since July. To make
matters worse the City Attorney, John Russo, has filed a civil lawsuit
against four of these defendants.

*None of these people were violent! *Violence is what the police enact on a
daily basis, especially in poor, black and brown neighborhoods. As daily
targets of the system, black and brown folks with limited resources are the
ones that spent the most time in jail after the protests, most being held on
parole or probation violations. Taking shoes from footlocker or breaking
windows do not and cannot fit in the same category as the violence that
perpetually targets and incarcerates poor people of color and results in
incidents such as the murder of Oscar Grant, III.

*Those who are charged on crimes against property must not be isolated but
embraced* by the movement. In most cases, these allegations are false, but
defendants are forced to take plea deals and are bound by the system.* **If
and when allegations are true, solidarity must come first.* Those who
participated in crimes against property had the agency and
self-determination to push back against the system how they saw fit.

It should also be of note that those that face charges are mostly Black men,
but also people of various ethnicities, ages and genders. The Justice for
Oscar Grant Movement is composed of many different communities and all of
the defendants are represented in those communities. Showing support to all
the defendants is a great way for us to strengthen this movement and build
solidarity between different cultures and communities. This solidarity is
precisely what the State is most afraid of.

*Oakland District Attorney’s Office is sending a message of intimidation to
all those who stand up to the police and all systems of oppression used
against poor, Black, and Brown communities. We must send a clear message
back to the DA: We will not be intimidated and we intend to stand along side
all of the defendants that have been criminalized for standing up to this
injustice system. Drop All the Charges against the Oakland 100, every last
one of them!*

CONTACT District Atty Nancy O’Malley’s office at using the following contact info:
Phone: (510) 272-6222
Email: info@acgov.org
Mail: Alameda County District Attorney’s Office
1225 Fallon St. Suite 900
Oakland, Ca 94612