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Support Needed for Raheim Brown, Another Victim of Oakland Police

Raheim Brown

In the third week of January, three people were killed by police officers in Oakland. One of them was 20 year old Raheim Brown, who was sitting in a car outside Skyline High School with a friend when two Oakland School Police approached the car (yes, Oakland schools have their OWN police force!).

The two cops, Bellusa and Bhatt, claim that Raheim stabbed one of them with a screwdriver before the other shot Raheim five times, including twice in the face. Raheim’s friend who was with him in the car, after being pulled out through a window, beaten unconscious and jailed for five days, has spoken out, saying that the screwdriver was never even aimed toward the officers.

Raheim Brown is yet another young Black man killed by cops in Oakland for no reason whatsoever.

The Oakland 100 Support Committee is now trying to help his family out. While the city coroner released Raheim’s body, they refused to release his death certificate until Raheim’s family paid $320. Apparently, the City of Oakland’s fund for victims of violent crime does not apply when violence is perpetrated by the city’s armed goons.

Unfortunately, beyond the $320, a proper burial, as is hoped for by Raheim’s family, will cost thousands. We know that it is a ton of money, but we’re trying to raise whatever we can to help.

The Oakland 100 Support Committee and our friends are trying to put together a fundraiser, but in the meantime (because Raheim’s family needs it ASAP), if you have ANY money that you can help Raheim’s family with, please donate in the following ways:

-Donate through the Oakland 100 Support Committee’s Paypal link (and make sure to note that it is for “Raheim Brown”)

-Make a direct donation to a Wells Fargo account in the name of ‘RPOS Raheim Malik Brown’ to account number 5104210850, and routing number 121000248

-If you can only donate through check, please contact Jesse @ jstrauss (at) for info


Click the following links for more information about Raheim Brown and how his family is speaking out:
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Oakland Police Used FBI, DEA & More for Policing Oscar Grant Protests

The Informant, a local news source out of KALW public radio has obtained documents proving federal involvement in the July 8th (Mehserle’s verdict) protests. The Informant’s mission seems to specifically focus on these types of protests and political dissent: “In recent years, San Francisco and Oakland have played host to public safety tragedies that have stoked local controversy and national attention… We’ll go deep into cops, courts and communities, giving you informed, intelligent, community-oriented news, conversation and analysis.”

All the documents they’ve obtained were uploaded to their website, so the article is pasted below, and links to the raw documents at the bottom of this post.

Before you read it though, news:

-Ricky got out of jail on the morning of Thanksgiving, and he’s been with his family since!

-The DA had announced a civil lawsuit against 4 protesters who were also being charged criminally from July 8th. It looks like their charges are not being pursued!

-No one arrested on November 5th with the charge of Unlawful Assembly has been charged!

-One person arrested on November 5th is still being charged with felony arson, but it looks like the city doesn’t have evidence against them.

-One person arrested on November 5th is being charged with a slew of charges related to ‘assault of an officer’, however it looks like there’s no case against him (especially because he was clearly the victim of an in-jail assault by the Sherrifs.

Police files reveal Federal interest in Oscar Grant protests, “Anarchists”

December 15, 2010 | 9:29 AM | By Ali Winston

Documents recently obtained by The Informant reveal the significant involvement of state and federal law enforcement in monitoring the various Oscar Grant protests in Oakland over the past two years.

According to internal Oakland Police Department documents about the July 8th protests that followed Johannes Mehserle’s involuntary manslaughter conviction, agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, United States Secret Service, and the California Department of Justice were assigned to monitor crowd activities.

Thirty-three federal, state and local officers were assigned to video details posted in buildings surrounding Frank Ogawa Plaza and throughout the crowd of several hundred demonstrators. Among them were personnel from the Secret Service, the state Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement, and Bureau of Intelligence and Investigation who took video of the protest. Some DEA and Oakland Police officers recorded the protest, while others dressed in plainclothes provided intelligence from within the crowd to OPD’s Emergency Operations Command Center at 1605 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

The documents indicate FBI involvement in monitoring the Oscar Grant protests as early as January 2009. A police report included in the case file of Holly Noll, a 24-year-old activist who plead no contest to charges of assaulting a police officer, shows the FBI was providing intelligence to OPD on the movements of “black bloc” anarchists in Downtown Oakland on the night of January 14, 2009, when the latest of several protests agitating for Johannes Mehserle’s arrest erupted into property destruction and clashes with police.

Oakland Police Officer Scott Seder’s report from that night indicates specific FBI interest in “anarchists.” The report reads as follows:

“OPD [Oakland Police Department] radio announced a communications order stating the FBI advised groups of anarchists, described as MW [male, white], 17-25 years old, wearing black and red clothing, were en route to the protest and planned to commit acts of violence and vandalism adjacent to the main demonstration.”

Jose Luis Fuentes, an attorney at Siegel & Yee, the law firm that is defending those arrested in the July 8th protests, believes the involvement of state and federal agencies in intelligence-gathering is part of a larger effort to scrutinize political protest. “They’re trying to build a case against ‘black blocs’ or anarchists as domestic terrorism,” said Fuentes. “The federal government wants to know who’s protesting. They’re documenting who the agitators are — This is all COINTELPRO resurfacing.”

The Counter Intelligence Program, or COINTELPRO, was an extensive federal operation that ran from the 1950s through the 1970s that monitored political activists, sometime using law enforcement to harass and discredit everyone from the National Association of Colored People to the Ku Klux Klan, who federal authorities considered dangerous.

But law enforcement personnel who worked the Oscar Grant protests say federal involvement had nothing to do with a political ideology and everything to do with keeping civilians and critical infrastructure sites safe and preventing disorder.

Oakland Police Captain David Downing, who was in charge of “Operation Verdict,” the police response to the July 8th post-verdict protests, says the handful of federal agents were nothing more than extra eyes among the several hundred law enforcement officers working on July 8th.

Ali Winston

An unidentified officer records protesters behind a line of Oakland Police Officers at 12th Street and Broadway on July 8th, 2010

“Their only job was to be out there and videotape, be observers and feed information,” said Downing, who was in charge of Operation Verdict. The DEA, California DOJ and Secret Services agents were a fraction of the several hundreds of law enforcement agents from across Northern California who took part in Operation Verdict.

Much like several police departments provided officers to assist with crowd control, the state and federal agencies brought their investigative capacities to the table, as well as equipment. The FBI and DEA both offered helicopters for air support.

Documents indicate that anarchists were on everyone’s mind.

In a running police log from the July 8 protests and in emails exchanged between OPD command staff in the days prior, there is extensive mention of potential acts of property destruction and violence by “anarchists.” The log was later forwarded to the Department of Homeland Security’s National Operations Center. “They were interested in the event,” said Captain Downing.

During previous protests about the Oscar Grant case, media reports focused on property destruction allegedly perpetrated by “black bloc” anarchists.

“They’re a concern,” said Captain Downing of the Oakland Police. “They don’t really care about the cause other than using the mask of a large mob to engage in property damage.”

Defense attorney Jose Luis Fuentes remains convinced the intelligence gathered during Operation Verdict was part of a broader effort to intimidate political protest. The subtext is that, “If you’re going to protest and violate any law, we might prosecute you federally,” Fuentes said.

A November 16th primer on “Anarchist Extremism” on the FBI’s website describes the Bureau’s general policy on anarchists:

“Currently, much of the criminal activities of anarchist extremists fall under local jurisdiction, so they’re investigated by local police. If asked by police, the Bureau can assist. But we have a heavy presence at a major national or international events generating significant media coverage—that’s when the threat from anarchist extremists, as well as others who are up to no good, dramatically increases.”

According to an OPD investigative log, the FBI explored the possibility of charging some of the July Oscar Grant protesters federally.

FBI Special Agent Russell Romero contacted OPD on July 21 to set up a meeting about the July 8th incident. On July 27, Agents Russell Romero and Kari McInturf met with OPD investigators “to see if Federal charges can be brought.” Romero and McInturf obtained a list of all the July 8th arrestees and their charges from OPD. To date, no federal charges have been filed.


Links to raw documents:

Video Team Detail Verdict VCC Log 10-039800 Critical Locations Down Town Commercia

Club Feral Benefit to Support the Oakland 100! Saturday, April 4th, Thee Parkside!

“We are suffering. We have suffered. And we are not afraid to suffer in order to win our cause.” -Cesar Chavez

Saturday, April 4, 2009 at 10:00pm
Thee Parkside, 1600 17th Street (at Wisconsin)
-accessible via the 22 Filmore, or walking/biking 10 blocks from 16th street bart

Dancin’! Rockin’! Politikin’!

DJ’s VINYL ABUSER and PUBLIC FRENEMY bring the dance grooves!



plus even MORE fun and inspiration (Like you’ll need it)

Can’t drop a banner or smash the state right now? How about doing some dancing, listening, reflecting, (okay, okay, maybe some drinking)? All to the same end – DROP THE CHARGES AGAINST THE OAKLAND 100!!!

Support the many people of Oakland who, in the early weeks of January, 2009, took a strong stand against the continuing legacy of police terrorism in Oakland!

In the aftermath of the January Rebellions, there are still about 140 people with various charges still looming over their heads. While the DA declined to charge several demonstrators and by-standers “at this time”, he still has a year to do so. Add to that the 6 people with fabricated felonies proceeding toward trial. There is a real need for funds to help out some of the folks who may be facing lengthy, expensive trials.

Come have fun while showing solidarity with the struggle to END POLICE TERRORISM!</em

Drop the Charges! Week of Escalation!

Special note – Though our targeted dates were Friday the 13th and Tuesday the 17th, everyday is a good day to contact the Board of Supervisors, the DA and the Mayor. Let them know that you want all charges against all protesters dropped! NOW!


Of the over 140 arrests during the Oscar Grant rebellions, most have
not had charges filed. This means that the D.A. could decide to bring
charges on them for up to a year. A drop the charges campaign will
continue until we are certain every charge has been dropped!

There are still about a dozen people with charges, three of them felonies
facing substantial jail time. Their next court dates are next week. It is
important that we keep up our resistance to this assault on our community,
and these individuals’ trumped up charges.

One way to effectively support those going to court is to flood city officials with
phone calls, faxes, and emails in a concerted manner. Help us JAM THE
SYSTEM from your home, school, or office, this FRIDAY the 13th and next
TUESDAY the 17th to show the town that scapegoating protesters as violent
criminals will not be tolerated, as we all know who the real perpetrators
of violence are.

Let Mayor Dellums, District Attorney Orloff, and all city officials know you
want all charges dropped against people arrested during demonstrations
related to Oscar Grant’s murder!

Its easy! You can just call and say “I understand that someone who was
charged with a felony protesting Oscar Grant’s Murder is in court this
week. I am calling to urge you to drop the charges. City officials need
to take responsibility by making sure that people protesting the
criminalization of Oakland youth are not further criminalized themselves.”
Or copy and paste this message to and email or fax and SEND SEND SEND!

MAYOR’S OFFICE: 510-238-3141/fax: 510-238-4731
DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S OFFICE: 510-272-6222/fax: 510-271-5157

Or you could email city council (scroll down to email all at once)

LaTonda Simmons
City Clerk

Dan Lindheim: Acting City Administrator

Ron Dellums: Mayor

Courtney Ruby: City Auditor

John Russo: City Attorney

Jane Brunner: District 1

Patricia Kernighan: District 2

Nancy Nadel: District 3

Jean Quan: District 4

Ignacio De La Fuente: District 5

Desley Brooks: District 6

Larry Reid: District 7

Rebecca Kaplan: At-Large

Or all together!,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The Oakland 100 Support Committee is a group of arrestees, organizers, and community members committed to locating arrestees, participating in a drop the charges campaign, and helping to generate a pool of funds and resources for the over 100 arrested during the January Rebellions.


Self-Determination Drive -In is brought to you by a coalition of folks working on a Drop the Charges Campaign in Oakland, California, in the aftermath of the execution of Oscar Grant III and the subsequent arrest of protesters during the Rebellions of January 7th, 14th and 30th.

The outdoor screening will feature images from teh worldwide struggles of people taking control of their lives, building sustainable communities and liberating themselves from the forces of oppression! Footage from The January Rebellions of 2009 will be shown alongside images from Greece, Oaxaca, Palestine…

Please join us for a festive night of watching, dancing and planning!

Oakland Youth Curfew – “You Won”

Last night at the Oakland City Council Meeting a vote on a proposed curfew on anyone under the age of 18 was delayed. Here’s a report back from a member of the Oakland 100 Support Committee:

“Many people showed up to the meeting last night and filled the hearing room. Overwhelming majority of the people there were youth of color, and many people got on the mic for 2 min (that was the time limit) shaming the City council and the police (which was beautiful); some people sharing experiences, touching on the criminalization of youth in Oakland as is, and how this will do nothing else, the lack of resources for young folks and their families, as well as very strong important connections to Oscar Grant and everyone else executed by the pigs in Oakland. We also specifically told the city council they “are on notice” and they need to “call off their dogs”. City Council Members would try to talk and respond, and we booed and hissed. It was hard for them to get a word in at times. Two white women on City council responded in exceptionally FUCKED up ways, saying racist shit about families and questioning parenting abilities and “anti-social bad behavior of bad kids who probably aren’t in this room,” but of course with a disgusting smile. the acting president of the council’s last words were “you win”, and clarified that they will not be voting on this issue. FOR RIGHT NOW. in some ways we were successful last night, because how many times do dozens of young people of color get to speak to the city and actually be heard? so it may be small, and it is a step.”

If you would like to help step up the resistance to the proposed Oakland youth curfew and further police violence contact Critical Resistance or the Oakland 100 Support Committee at oakland100[at]

Here a link to the full audio of the meeting. Props to Dave Id over at Indybay for the recording.

A copy of the proposed curfew ordinance is available as a pdf here