Who we are

Who we are:

The Oakland 100 Support Committee (O100) came together after the rebellions in January 2009 against the police murder of Oscar Grant III. We are a group of anarchist/anti-authoritarian arrestees and community members dedicated to helping generate a pool of funds and resources for those arrested seeking justice for Oscar Grant III.

Summary of activities 2009-2011:

We provided legal, material, emotional, and court support for arrestees of Oscar Grant rebellions and their families.

Since the spontaneous nature of the Oscar Grant street uprisings drew more youth of color not affiliated with any activist groups, we filled in the gaps of the Nation Lawyers Guild (NLG), whose capacity for supporting demonstrators is based in protest and activist culture.  We helped coordinate a ‘drop the charges’ campaign, did outreach to contact people arrested at court dates, and organized arrestee meetings connecting those arrested with NLG lawyers and legal information.

We also posted bail for two arrestees and provided financial support of over $8000 to 12 people that were either jailed for a prolonged period, sued by the city, or both.

We also produced a short documentary film, Hands Off Oakland Rebels, highlighting the January 7th rebellions and the campaign to drop all charges from that night, with interviews of the 3 people that caught felony cases on their arrests.

Please note

As of 2012 we are no longer an active group, as our members have moved on to participate in other ongoing struggles.

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