UPDATE on “Four Sued By the City of Oakland” Article from February

On April 14th this story hit the news, reporting that 2 of the people sued by the city are being ordered to pay a combined $50K to JC Jewelry store owners. What this and other news articles on the subject fail to mention is that the two suspects already spent months in jail after there arrests in the Verdict uprisings.  After the October 28th issuance of the civil case summons it took the city over a month to realize that the reason they were having a hard time serving papers to one of the men at his home address because he was still in jail!

The men are ordered to pay automatically for not responding to the summons within the allotted 30-day period, most likely due to their unfamiliarity with the civil case process and lack of access to lawyers from jail.

These cases are another crude example of our “justice system” scapegoating a few individuals for its own inability to bring true justice to the atrocities enacted by its own agents, namely in cases of police murder.  “Those who use protests as nothing more than a cover to trash our town or loot homegrown businesses should consider carefully the court’s ruling,” commented John Russo, the City Attorney who a few days following the July 8th verdict promised that his office would be suing individuals for damages to property.  It is a shame and a sham that they will respond this quickly to avenge property damage, but when people are killed or beaten by officers, the cases drag on for years if there is a case at all.

About Oakland 100 Support Committee

The Oakland 100 Support Committee (O100) came together after the rebellions in January 2009 against the police murder of Oscar Grant III. Since then we have worked along side arrestees to raise awareness about their cases. Through several successful benefits we raised over 4000 dollars for the 3 people that had felony cases. To this date none of them served any jail time. We produced a short documentary entitled “Hands Off Oakland Rebels” and participated in the “Drop the Charges” campaign. With the recent news of killer cop, Johannes Mesherle’s lenient sentence of involuntary manslaughter Oakland erupted again in rage. That night close to 100 protesters were arrested and 12 people are still being held in jail and facing trumped up felony charges. We are interested in working with arrestees, their friends, and families to craft what support means to them. For Information on how to befriend us in the struggle, or to send donations to arrestees write us a note at: oakland100 [at] gmail.com Oakland 100 Support Committee PO Box 22449 Oakland, CA 94609 View all posts by Oakland 100 Support Committee

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