Support Needed for Raheim Brown, Another Victim of Oakland Police

Raheim Brown

In the third week of January, three people were killed by police officers in Oakland. One of them was 20 year old Raheim Brown, who was sitting in a car outside Skyline High School with a friend when two Oakland School Police approached the car (yes, Oakland schools have their OWN police force!).

The two cops, Bellusa and Bhatt, claim that Raheim stabbed one of them with a screwdriver before the other shot Raheim five times, including twice in the face. Raheim’s friend who was with him in the car, after being pulled out through a window, beaten unconscious and jailed for five days, has spoken out, saying that the screwdriver was never even aimed toward the officers.

Raheim Brown is yet another young Black man killed by cops in Oakland for no reason whatsoever.

The Oakland 100 Support Committee is now trying to help his family out. While the city coroner released Raheim’s body, they refused to release his death certificate until Raheim’s family paid $320. Apparently, the City of Oakland’s fund for victims of violent crime does not apply when violence is perpetrated by the city’s armed goons.

Unfortunately, beyond the $320, a proper burial, as is hoped for by Raheim’s family, will cost thousands. We know that it is a ton of money, but we’re trying to raise whatever we can to help.

The Oakland 100 Support Committee and our friends are trying to put together a fundraiser, but in the meantime (because Raheim’s family needs it ASAP), if you have ANY money that you can help Raheim’s family with, please donate in the following ways:

-Donate through the Oakland 100 Support Committee’s Paypal link (and make sure to note that it is for “Raheim Brown”)

-Make a direct donation to a Wells Fargo account in the name of ‘RPOS Raheim Malik Brown’ to account number 5104210850, and routing number 121000248

-If you can only donate through check, please contact Jesse @ jstrauss (at) for info


Click the following links for more information about Raheim Brown and how his family is speaking out:
Two more officer-involved shootings this weekend
Witness of Oakland School Police Contrasts Police Story
Families of Oakland Police Victims Plea for Support; DA Refuses Prosecution

About Oakland 100 Support Committee

The Oakland 100 Support Committee (O100) came together after the rebellions in January 2009 against the police murder of Oscar Grant III. Since then we have worked along side arrestees to raise awareness about their cases. Through several successful benefits we raised over 4000 dollars for the 3 people that had felony cases. To this date none of them served any jail time. We produced a short documentary entitled “Hands Off Oakland Rebels” and participated in the “Drop the Charges” campaign. With the recent news of killer cop, Johannes Mesherle’s lenient sentence of involuntary manslaughter Oakland erupted again in rage. That night close to 100 protesters were arrested and 12 people are still being held in jail and facing trumped up felony charges. We are interested in working with arrestees, their friends, and families to craft what support means to them. For Information on how to befriend us in the struggle, or to send donations to arrestees write us a note at: oakland100 [at] Oakland 100 Support Committee PO Box 22449 Oakland, CA 94609 View all posts by Oakland 100 Support Committee

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