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Support Todd and Adrian

3/2/11 Preliminary Hearing

March 2, 2011 (Wed)

9:00 AM – 12:30PM

Alameda County Superior Court, Dept. 112

661 Washington St. Oakland, CA

Friends, Family and Allies: Todd and Adrian were wrongfully arrested on July 8, 2010 during the Oscar Grant protests and charged with Felony Arson and several misdemeanors.

Please join us at their court date on March 2nd, 2011. The judge is going to be deciding which charges against them should be dropped, and which charges have enough evidence to proceed to trial. Their lawyers have told us that it will help them to have supporters in the courtroom, who can demonstrate to the judge and DA that we have allies who are watching the outcome of this case.

We’re asking that if you come, please come on time and meet us outside of the courtroom so that we can enter as a group for maximum impact. Please dress and groom yourself to present a relatively professional appearance and that you please follow the court rules and refrain from catcalling at the judge. This case is very serious, and they may well do JAIL TIME as a result of it – so it’s very important to us that you take it as seriously as we do.

Thanks so much – and, again, thanks to everyone who took time off to come out on Nov. 23 and Jan. 10. Your continued support really, really makes a difference.

Support Needed for Raheim Brown, Another Victim of Oakland Police

Raheim Brown

In the third week of January, three people were killed by police officers in Oakland. One of them was 20 year old Raheim Brown, who was sitting in a car outside Skyline High School with a friend when two Oakland School Police approached the car (yes, Oakland schools have their OWN police force!).

The two cops, Bellusa and Bhatt, claim that Raheim stabbed one of them with a screwdriver before the other shot Raheim five times, including twice in the face. Raheim’s friend who was with him in the car, after being pulled out through a window, beaten unconscious and jailed for five days, has spoken out, saying that the screwdriver was never even aimed toward the officers.

Raheim Brown is yet another young Black man killed by cops in Oakland for no reason whatsoever.

The Oakland 100 Support Committee is now trying to help his family out. While the city coroner released Raheim’s body, they refused to release his death certificate until Raheim’s family paid $320. Apparently, the City of Oakland’s fund for victims of violent crime does not apply when violence is perpetrated by the city’s armed goons.

Unfortunately, beyond the $320, a proper burial, as is hoped for by Raheim’s family, will cost thousands. We know that it is a ton of money, but we’re trying to raise whatever we can to help.

The Oakland 100 Support Committee and our friends are trying to put together a fundraiser, but in the meantime (because Raheim’s family needs it ASAP), if you have ANY money that you can help Raheim’s family with, please donate in the following ways:

-Donate through the Oakland 100 Support Committee’s Paypal link (and make sure to note that it is for “Raheim Brown”)

-Make a direct donation to a Wells Fargo account in the name of ‘RPOS Raheim Malik Brown’ to account number 5104210850, and routing number 121000248

-If you can only donate through check, please contact Jesse @ jstrauss (at) for info


Click the following links for more information about Raheim Brown and how his family is speaking out:
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Four Sued by the City of Oakland

Oakland City attorney John Russo has served civil lawsuit papers to four of the 90 people arrested protesting the Mehserle ‘involuntary manslaughter’ verdict on July 8th. The lawsuit was first announced about a week before Mehserle’s sentencing on November 5th when the city expected more large-scale protests against government injustice and Mehserle’s blank check for murder. However, until recently, the threat of a civil suit seemed empty. That is, until the first of the four was served papers in the beginning of January, while incarcerated for his actions in the July 8th protests.

JC Jewelry, the day after the Mehserle verdict

The Oakland 100 Support Committee has proudly supported all four of the people being targeted by this lawsuit during their criminal charges, but we don’t know exactly what will happen with these civil suits. This is mostly because every lawyer we work with who we’ve spoken to about it has been confused as to how and why the city can charge these folks in civil court, as they’ve all already been charged criminally, and generally have had to either serve jail time or pay restitution fines (or both).

The lawsuit is targeting two men, being sued for $25,000 each by the City of Oakland on behalf of JC Jewelry, a store on Broadway Ave that was emptied during the protests. The combined amount that the city is suing these two men for is most likely derived from the factual background in the civil case summons, which states that “the owners suffered over $50,000 in property loss.” However, it also states that there were “over 200 individuals during the looting activity” and that “unnamed individuals broke the security gate, kicked in the front door window, broke into JC Jewelry and proceeded to steal the owners jewelry located therein.” The two men being sued were not only arrested and held in jail for at least five months, but all items allegedly from JC Jewelry in their possession were returned to the owners. These two men being charged with $25,000 lawsuits are taking the fall for the 200 plus people who came out in outrage at the harsh injustice dished out by Cop Judge Perry’s court.

The other two people being sued have already been charged criminally for vandalism, specifically graffiti. One of them is being sued by the city for a mere $60. It’s hard to imagine that collecting $60 from an individual could even offset the cost of filing the lawsuit for the city. The other person is being sued for close to $600.

This is blatant targeting of political dissent by City Attorney John Russo, in a desperate effort to scare anyone who wants to see police held accountable and knows that convening in the streets is the only way to have their voices heard, as the people of Tunisia and Egypt have shown us in the last few weeks.