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Here we go, fast forward to the night of Saturday, October 23rd: the ILWU rally and march for justice for Oscar Grant was a landslide victory–not talkin bout elections here, just hella heads out in force. Party o’clock is fast approaching, what will you do?!?

Saturday Oct 23rd, 8pm-late
Revolution Cafe, 1612 7th Street, Oakland (near w. oakland bart)

hosted by:
Boots Riley (of The Coup)

performances by:
Zoe tha Roasta
40 Thieves
Butchered Hens

DJ’s: Public Frenemy, Jabiri, DJ Piha

Spread the good word, this is a fundraiser for those arrested the night of the V as in Verdict who are currently in jail or fighting cases for standing up in the streets for Oakland. Show your love!


Every movement with the potential to change the injustice system we are all under has had and will have political prisoners, from labor struggles to the Black Panthers.

Since January 7th, 2009, hundreds have been arrested for various forms of participation in demonstrations for Justice for Oscar Grant. Most were arrested for merely being present, as part of mass arrests. Others were arrested for crimes or intended crimes against property.


Violence is what the police enact on a daily basis, especially in poor, black and brown neighborhoods. As daily targets of the system, black and brown folks with limited resources are the ones that spent the most time in jail after the protests, most being held on parole or probation violations. Taking shoes from footlocker or breaking windows do not and cannot fit in the same category as the violence that perpetually targets and incarcerates poor people of color and results in incidents such as the murder of Oscar Grant, III.

Those who are charged on crimes against property must not be isolated but embraced by the movement. In most cases, these allegations are false, but defendants are forced to take plea deals and bound by the system.

If and when allegations are true, solidarity must come first.
Those who participated in crimes against property crossed all lines of race, gender, and age, and have the agency and self-determination to push back against the system how they see fit.


Court Support Requested!

Come out this Monday, October 18th to support co-defendents Rashaud Lynn and Jackson Fleder!

The hearing will be in Dept 104 at Wiley Manuel Court, 661 Washington @ 7th Street, 9AM.

Remember when doing court support, it’s important to get there early. Also, it’s good to dress up and not be antagonistic. Court rules prohibit bringing tools and anything that can be considered a weapon, and remember to silence phones or you may be put out of the courtroom.