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More Arrests, Court Support Requested

We have received new info that as many as 14 of the roughly 70 people cited and released for misdemeanors on July 8th, who were mostly rounded up at random, are now having charges brought on them 10 weeks later. The charges include remaining at the scene of a riot, unlawful assembly, and rioting. Another 4 people were arrested last week on felony burglary charges. The Oakland 100 Support Committee is reaching out to defendants and their families to find out which defendants would like a show of support and solidarity in the court room for their court proceedings.


Support Sara in pre-trial!
Come to court Weds 9/22 at 9am, Dept. 11 at the Rene Davidson Courthouse, 1225 Fallon.

Support Todd and Adrien in pre-trial!
Come to court Tues 9/28 at 2pm, Dept. 115 at the Wiley E. Manuel Courthouse, 661 Washington.
more info here

Support Rickey in pre-trial!
Come to court Thurs 9/30 at 9am, Dept. 115 at the Wiley E. Manuel Courthouse, 661 Washington.
Based on a photo in which he is standing outside on Broadway St, the court alleges that 21 year-old Oakland High grad Rickey committed 2nd degree burglary. He has been jailed now for over 60 days, his bail set at $45,000. FREE RICKEY!

Support Art in trial!
Come to court Tues 10/12 at 9am, Dept. 11 at the Rene Davidson Courthouse, 1225 Fallon.
Art Jackson, a 46-year old computer draftsman and Oakland resident spent 45 days in jail on a bogus 2nd degree burglary charge.

Jail Break Happy Hour + Bingo Night Variety Show to benefit O100

Sunday September 19
4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Radio Bar Oakland
13th n broadway

The Oakland 100 Support Committee invites you to a bingo night with entertainment and cheap drinks (boozy and non). Bingo cards for a buck, win yourself a lottery ticket, flashy bike spoke lights, or a book from AK press!

Many a hat will be passed for those facing charges from the V as in Verdict protests of July 8th, of whom 5 are still in the slammer.

General Updates

On 7/26, a man was arrested for alleged auto theft.  Then on 8/20, while still detained, he had a felony burglary charge tacked on because someone said they thought he was in one of the “wanted” photos released by the OPD.  This man claims that he was not even present at the verdict day gathering in downtown Oakland, but may still have time added to his sentencing because of it. 

It is important to note that a number of people have been arrested as a result of the OPD photos. Remember that if police approach you or someone you know about the night of the verdict, DO NOT answer questions and ask to speak with a lawyer. If they are pushy, ask if you are being detained, and if so ask what your charges are. Real life is nothing like the cop shows on TV, but remember that anything you say can and will be used AGAINST you in crappy old court.

On 8/23, Oakland 100 put up funds that helped get one of the people with felony charges, Art Jackson, out of jail!!!!! He goes to trial on October 12th at Alameda Superior Court in dept 11 at 9am.

greetings oakland 100..

First I like to thank them for Bail’g me out of jail…
~you all are the best in the west!…

no way did I enter footlocker..these a$$hols are trying to charge me w/
*Second Degree Comm. Burglary
*Petty Theft w/prior
*Receiv’g Stolen Property
The deal they offered was..
~take all charges, 3 years felony probation, additional 30 days back in jail…HELL TO THE NO!…next court day Oct. Esq. is the Great Mr. Dan Siegal (Oakland)..thks. for taking my case..Great!..I just may have a chance.

Thks. again to the “TheOakland100″/Dan Siegal
art jackson

On 8/31, a man who had been jailed on parole hold since verdict day, even though his initial protest charges had been dropped, was ORed (release on his own recognizance).  He spent a total of 54 days locked up for a couple of misdemeanor charges that will probably not stick.  He is being represented by Walter Riley, a renown civil rights attorney who was also arrested on the night of the verdict.

Coming soon, info about upcoming court dates and fundraisers. Stay tuned!

Hands Off Oakland Rebels video re-released

Documentary–20 min– A look at the Oscar Grant Rebellions of January 7th, 2009 from the viewpoint of those fighting felony charges.

If you want to do a screening of this video as a fundraiser for the Oakland 100, please email us at oakland100[at]gmaildotcom and we will send you a copy.