Three charged in post-Mehserle verdict looting

By Paul T. Rosynsky
Oakland Tribune

OAKLAND — Three more people were charged with felonies this week in connection with the looting that occurred in downtown Oakland after former BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for killing Oscar Grant III, a county official said.

Two of the people charged this week were identified after the Oakland Police Department released photographs of looters inside a Foot Locker store with stolen shoes in their hands, said Alameda County deputy district attorney Bob Hartman.

The third man was caught after he tried to sell shoes he is suspected of stealing from the Foot Locker in Alameda.

Those charged this week include:

  • Andrew Jackson, arrested while selling shoes in Alameda. Jackson is charged with a felony, receiving or possessing stolen property.
  • Someone at large (the article had his name but who cares)
  • Rickey Reeves, 21, charged with felony commercial burglary and felony possession of stolen property.With the three men charged this week, the District Attorney’s Office has now charged a total of 14 people with felony crimes in connection to the demonstrations and looting that occurred after a Los Angeles jury found Mehserle guilty of involuntary manslaughter for the killing of an unarmed Grant.

    Some voiced displeasure with the verdict, believing Mesherle should have been found guilty of the more serious second-degree murder charge.


    In total, Oakland Police arrested 78 people during the protests in which businesses were damaged and looted. Some trash bins were set on fire and graffiti was sprayed during the civil unrest as protesters clashed with police officers from around the Bay Area. Most of those arrested were cited and released.

  • About Oakland 100 Support Committee

    The Oakland 100 Support Committee (O100) came together after the rebellions in January 2009 against the police murder of Oscar Grant III. Since then we have worked along side arrestees to raise awareness about their cases. Through several successful benefits we raised over 4000 dollars for the 3 people that had felony cases. To this date none of them served any jail time. We produced a short documentary entitled “Hands Off Oakland Rebels” and participated in the “Drop the Charges” campaign. With the recent news of killer cop, Johannes Mesherle’s lenient sentence of involuntary manslaughter Oakland erupted again in rage. That night close to 100 protesters were arrested and 12 people are still being held in jail and facing trumped up felony charges. We are interested in working with arrestees, their friends, and families to craft what support means to them. For Information on how to befriend us in the struggle, or to send donations to arrestees write us a note at: oakland100 [at] Oakland 100 Support Committee PO Box 22449 Oakland, CA 94609 View all posts by Oakland 100 Support Committee

    One response to “Three charged in post-Mehserle verdict looting

    • art

      greetings oakland 100..

      First I like to thank them for Bail’g me out of jail…
      ($3500 badboybail)…

      ~you all are the best in the west!…

      Yes I picked items off the ground..but in no way did I enter footlocker..these a$$hols are trying to charge me w/
      *Second Degree Comm. Burglary
      *Petty Theft w/prior
      *Receiv’g Stolen Property
      The deal they offered was..
      ~take all charges, 3 years felony probation, additional 30 days back in jail…HELL TO THE NO!…next court day Oct. Esq. is the Great Mr. Dan Siegal (Oakland)..thks. for taking my case..Great!..I just may have a chance.

      Thks. again to the “TheOakland100″/Dan Siegal
      art jackson

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