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Holly’s Trial Set for Monday May 10th

Holly of the Oakland 100 goes to court May 10 at 9AM at the Alameda county
courthouse (1225 Fallon st)

Holly was one of nearly 150 people rounded up in the riots that followed
the police murder of Oscar Grant in January 2009. Most of the people
arrested were never charged, but Holly was one of 4 people arbitrarily
given Felony charges. All other felony charges have been dropped leaving
only Holly. Holly was simply in the streets protesting police violence,
but was arrested and is being scapegoated by the DA through charges of
assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon.

Please come out to support Holly and show the DA and Alameda county that
we havent forgotten about the Murder of Oscar Grant and that we will not
let outraged members of the community be railroaded to prison when the
police are the perpetrators of violence and murder.

Trial begins Monday, May 10th 8:30 am at Alameda County Courthouse, 1225
Fallon St., Courtroom 11