Drop the Charges! Week of Escalation!

Special note – Though our targeted dates were Friday the 13th and Tuesday the 17th, everyday is a good day to contact the Board of Supervisors, the DA and the Mayor. Let them know that you want all charges against all protesters dropped! NOW!


Of the over 140 arrests during the Oscar Grant rebellions, most have
not had charges filed. This means that the D.A. could decide to bring
charges on them for up to a year. A drop the charges campaign will
continue until we are certain every charge has been dropped!

There are still about a dozen people with charges, three of them felonies
facing substantial jail time. Their next court dates are next week. It is
important that we keep up our resistance to this assault on our community,
and these individuals’ trumped up charges.

One way to effectively support those going to court is to flood city officials with
phone calls, faxes, and emails in a concerted manner. Help us JAM THE
SYSTEM from your home, school, or office, this FRIDAY the 13th and next
TUESDAY the 17th to show the town that scapegoating protesters as violent
criminals will not be tolerated, as we all know who the real perpetrators
of violence are.

Let Mayor Dellums, District Attorney Orloff, and all city officials know you
want all charges dropped against people arrested during demonstrations
related to Oscar Grant’s murder!

Its easy! You can just call and say “I understand that someone who was
charged with a felony protesting Oscar Grant’s Murder is in court this
week. I am calling to urge you to drop the charges. City officials need
to take responsibility by making sure that people protesting the
criminalization of Oakland youth are not further criminalized themselves.”
Or copy and paste this message to and email or fax and SEND SEND SEND!

MAYOR’S OFFICE: 510-238-3141/fax: 510-238-4731
DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S OFFICE: 510-272-6222/fax: 510-271-5157

Or you could email city council (scroll down to email all at once)

LaTonda Simmons
City Clerk

Dan Lindheim: Acting City Administrator

Ron Dellums: Mayor

Courtney Ruby: City Auditor

John Russo: City Attorney

Jane Brunner: District 1

Patricia Kernighan: District 2

Nancy Nadel: District 3

Jean Quan: District 4

Ignacio De La Fuente: District 5

Desley Brooks: District 6

Larry Reid: District 7

Rebecca Kaplan: At-Large

Or all together!
atlarge@oaklandnet.com, lreid@oaklandnet.com, dbrooks@oaklandnet.com, idelafuente@oaklandnet.com, jquan@oaklandnet.com, nnadel@oaklandnet.com, pkernighan@oaklandnet.com, jbrunner@oaklandnet.com, jbrunner@oaklandnet.com, jrusso@oaklandcityattorney.org, cruby@oaklandnet.com, officeofthemayor@oaklandnet.com, citymanager@oaklandnet.com, cityclerk@oaklandnet.com

The Oakland 100 Support Committee is a group of arrestees, organizers, and community members committed to locating arrestees, participating in a drop the charges campaign, and helping to generate a pool of funds and resources for the over 100 arrested during the January Rebellions.

About Oakland 100 Support Committee

The Oakland 100 Support Committee (O100) came together after the rebellions in January 2009 against the police murder of Oscar Grant III. Since then we have worked along side arrestees to raise awareness about their cases. Through several successful benefits we raised over 4000 dollars for the 3 people that had felony cases. To this date none of them served any jail time. We produced a short documentary entitled “Hands Off Oakland Rebels” and participated in the “Drop the Charges” campaign. With the recent news of killer cop, Johannes Mesherle’s lenient sentence of involuntary manslaughter Oakland erupted again in rage. That night close to 100 protesters were arrested and 12 people are still being held in jail and facing trumped up felony charges. We are interested in working with arrestees, their friends, and families to craft what support means to them. For Information on how to befriend us in the struggle, or to send donations to arrestees write us a note at: oakland100 [at] gmail.com Oakland 100 Support Committee PO Box 22449 Oakland, CA 94609 View all posts by Oakland 100 Support Committee

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